Luxury Poker Set Limited Edition

If you are an avid gamer and like to add a touch of class to your game room, a luxury poker set limited edition might be for you. While these sets may be expensive, you can be assured that they are of high quality. These pieces are crafted in Italy, are handmade, and come in a luxury leather case. Scully is a company that has been producing wooden home furnishings since 1934.

The Eden Rock set was designed by Alexandra Llewellyn and includes a beautifully detailed marquetry wood design, featuring lush tropical foliage and lithe ladies. The set comes complete with handmade clay chips, a dealer button crafted of semi-precious red jasper stone, mother-of-pearl blinds, and two sets of Alexandra Llewellyn signature playing cards. Although the Eden Rock luxury poker set is limited edition, it is well worth the investment.

If you prefer to travel with your poker set, Tiffany & Co. has a limited edition set that can be brought with you on flights. This set is made of porcelain and silver, and includes 100 poker chips, a silver dealer’s chip, and two decks of Tiffany Travel cards with the Tiffany logo. When you are on the go, there is no better time to travel with a luxury poker set than while you’re traveling.

If you’re looking for a limited edition set, you may want to purchase a Bond-themed set. These poker sets are designed in honor of James Bond’s fiftyth anniversary. They come with a wooden box with the 50th anniversary logo on it. There’s even a Bond Girl poker set, which was released in 2012, featuring characters from 22 Bond films. Whether you’re a fan of the Bond series or just want to impress your friends with a poker set, you’ll find a luxurious poker set limited edition of anything.

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