Why Do Casinos Rotate Dealers?

In casino games such as blackjack, rotating the dealers is a common strategy. The reason for this is simple: it helps the casino maintain its edge over the competition and it helps keep players from colluding. Because blackjack and baccarat dealers are directly linked to the house’s winnings, it is crucial that the dealers are rotated regularly to minimize the risk of cheating and collusion.

Casinos rotate dealers so they have fresh eyes and minds. This is especially useful in blackjack casinos where losing streaks are damaging to the house. Dealers are also required to be vigilant and watch every move of the other players, so they can’t check the time or look away. In order to be the best, they must always be focused on the table.

Another reason for rotating dealers is to prevent dealers from becoming too familiar with their players. If dealers get too familiar with the players, they may begin to make deals that cheat the casino. Dealer rotations also help minimize the risk of suspicious activity between players and dealers. Every dealer also has his or her own special style in dealing. For example, some dealers spin the ball differently from the others.

When the casino rotates dealers, it gives players a new chance to beat the odds. In addition to providing a fresh opportunity to win a game, the new dealers are trained to handle the casino’s tables in a professional way. Dealer rotations are generally conducted every twenty or thirty minutes, though some casinos use forty minutes.

Dealers should be fresh, so they can focus on the game. Rotation helps them analyze the risks more thoroughly and remain attentive to players. This is also important because it makes it easier to spot cheating dealers. A fresh dealer can spot potential cheaters and keep the casino safe from financial disaster.

Dealers also need frequent breaks, which helps them keep their concentration levels up and prevents them from making costly mistakes. Some casinos rotate dealers every forty minutes for a 20-minute break. Then, dealers serve one table for thirty or sixty minutes before they rotate to another. The length of the cycle depends on the casino’s requirements.

Casino dealers are responsible for creating a positive atmosphere in the casino. This means they must be friendly, make small talk, and instill hope. When players lose, they may want to chalk it up to bad luck and say that things will turn around. However, if you want to win, you must play smart.

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